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February 23, 2021

Lenten Gestures - Anticipating

Matthew 25:7

"[...] “Then all those bridesmaids got up and trimmed their lamps."

Matthew 25:7 gives us a picture of anticipation that’s linked with preparation – get ready because the bridegroom is coming! But there’s been a long delay until finally a voice cries out, “He’s coming!” and the bridesmaids get their lamps ready.

Anticipation can be fun and exciting, and we turn that excitement into action. We do what we can to prepare so that we’re ready when the moment we hope for finally arrives.

But if there’s a delay, a significant delay to the point that you’re not even sure that thing is going to happen, then that fun and excitement can become so many other things, like anger, disappointment, and apathy. We go back to life as usual and maybe wait for something to happen, but not with any sense of expectation that causes us to make room in our lives for that thing.

Sometimes going back to life as normal is okay, because what we hoped for just won’t happen. But the danger is that’s not always the case. Sometimes we do have to continue to wait with a sense of preparation, that the hoped-for thing will happen, but we will miss it if we aren’t ready for it.

Making room for God in our lives is just like that. We can have great experiences with God when we first start walking with Him, but over time life normalizes and we no longer feel the need to be so into reading the bible or praying or other spiritual practices. The problem is, though, if we aren’t making space for God continuously, we will miss out altogether on the opportunity for Him to come again and do amazing things in us and through us.

While we don’t know when God will show up in our lives in a life-changing way, let’s choose to make space in our lives for Him to come whenever He chooses, and live in anticipation that He will come. The wait will be worth it.

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Art: Dea Jenkins| "The Eternal Breath" | watercolor | 2018