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March 7, 2021

Lenten Gestures - Sustaining

There are moments in life where God will entrust us with something and leave us to that which he entrusts.

Matthew 25:19

"After a long time the master of those slaves came and settled accounts with them."

There are moments in life where God will entrust us with something and leave us to that which he entrusts. That level of agency and responsibility is not something that we should ever take lightly, and it is also not something we ever need be anxious over. He leaves us with the degree of responsibility according to our ability. Moreover, he leaves us always with enough to sustain ourselves in the interim of his absence.

We sustain ourselves not just in the faith that he will return to us, but also in the purpose that he bestows on us through that which he entrusts. He gives us a reason to labor and meaning in which we can eventually take pride. In these moments, we are endowed not just with his faith in us—his faith that we will do what needs to be done—but also, we are enlivened by the purpose that responsibility entails.

He believes in you. He believes that you are well within your ability to do the task at hand. Sustaining is no simple virtue. As it is trusting not just in yourself, but trusting in God, that he knows what he is doing when he asks something of you. In moments when faith feels small, when you feel that God has perhaps asked too much of you, take courage. He has given you exactly what you need to sustain.

Father, we thank you for trusting in us. In moments when we doubt that trust, breathe in us fresh life, so that we may rise to the occasion of your faith in us. We know, even if we might forget, that you always give us enough to do what you expect us to do in this life. May we rest in that assurance today.

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Art: Dea Jenkins | Series: Courtney's Joy | mixed media: watercolor, digital print, PVA glue | 2020

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