Dea Jenkins

Founder and CEO
Hello! I am the founder of Dea Studios and the Director of our beautiful community called Inbreak. I am an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersections of creativity, social healing, and faith.

Dea Jenkins is an interdisciplinary creative, independent curator, Director of Inbreak, and founder of Dea Studios. Though originally from Houston, Texas, she and her family began moving cross-country when Dea was 10 years old. She has lived in seven states and numerous cities since then. Dea didn’t begin her journey with the arts until she moved back to Houston from Chantilly, Virginia after graduating high school. Through a series of life twists, including deciding not to pursue a career as a professional track runner, Dea “accidentally” discovered an interest and a talent for art making.

As she discovered the world of painting, drawing, and graphic design, she ultimately chose to pursue an undergraduate degree in filmmaking from The Art Institute of Houston. Filmmaking taught her the value of producing. As a producer she discovered that she could create spaces to share her own work, but also generate opportunities for other creative minds to journey with her on these projects.

In 2017, Dea moved to Pasadena, California to pursue a dual masters degree in Theology and Intercultural Studies. Her emphasis in Theology and the Arts has grounded her artistic practice, helped her connect her film studies with theology, and prepared her to continue creating spaces for individual and collective healing. Post-graduation, she is currently engaging questions on spirituality, collective consciousness, and social healing through multiple mediums.

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